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Call us : (909) 699-0204

  • CALL US : (909) 699-0204

    CALL US : (909) 699-0204

  • Fire Damage Restoration  Available 24/7

    Fire Damage Restoration Available 24/7

Fire cannot only destroy your house but disrupt your life as well. The house you spent years to build will begin to look ugly, most of your belongings will turn into ashes and the ones that are safe won’t look like they can be used again.

Though it’s no use thinking where you went wrong, it would be best to be careful so no fire incidents occur in future. According to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 92 percent of the house fire started due to clothes dryer.

Effects of Fire On Concrete and Stone Structures of The House

● Temperature of a house fire can rise up to 1100 degree Fahrenheit.
● Discoloration of concrete walls starts at 200 to 300 degree.
● Concretes and stones used in the building start disintegrating between 600 to 800 degree.
● Water from firefighting efforts can cause salt efflorescence if the water is removed quickly. It is the appearance of white patches on brick walls. It can slowly weaken concrete structures.
● Smoke staining can also occur on plastic and metal items.

What to do after a Fire
Until help arrives you can take the following steps to minimize damage loss
● Check for the safety of the residents of the house
● Enter the house only if the fire marshal has allowed you
● Open doors and windows of your house
● Wear hygiene barriers i.e. disposable gloves and respirator to enter the house. The irritants in the house can cause health problems
● Check if the legal documents and expensive ornaments are still in the house. If not, report to the police
● Do not throw away burned items. Let a fire damage restorer inspect whether it is salvageable.
● Put laundry carpets and upholstery fabric to dry under a heater or out in the open

Professionals at San Bernardino
San Bernardino Fire Damage company provides you with professional services for fire and water damage. We have experienced and skilled experts to take care of smoke and fire problems in your house. Our team includes

● Smoke remediation specialists
● Water Damage restorers
● Furniture & textile cleaning experts
● Deodorization experts

San Bernardino Fire Damage: Why Our services
With the following distinguishing features about our company, our services mark reliability.
● Emergency hotline available 24/7
● Improved fire damage restoration technique
● Serving in Los Angeles and Orange County
● Response time 30 mins only
● IICRC certified
● A+ category in BBB

How San Bernardino Fire Damage restores your house

Sealing and Tarping: Our first action is securing the doors and windows of your house so that no unidentified person can enter your house.

Residue Removal: Solid residues are removed from your house and thrown away
Smoke and soot cleanup: The soot is cleaned up with state of the art equipment and customized techniques that would suit your house.

Odor Elimination: Rotting smoke smell is removed from the house through ozone treatment.
Fabric and upholstery cleanup: Charred fabric and upholsteries are sent to an offsite cleaning facility
Temporary storage: While the house is being renovated, all its contents are removed. We offer storage services till things can be shifted back to your house.

San Bernardino Fire Damage Restoration has a reputation in LA. You can call us anytime for emergency services or even consultation. We assure you that there will be no compromise on quality of work and you will become one of our satisfied customers soon. Call us now on (909) 699-0204 for smoke remediation solutions.